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Phone Dependency

In today’s world, phones have quickly become a necessity in people’s lives. Recently, my

roommate broke her phone and was without one for a whole week. We did not think this was a big deal, she could easily live without her phone. I then began to realize how much we really rely on them. My friend had a meeting in Des Moines and realized she did not know how she was going to get there. She uses her phone for directions. The night before her trip we had to look up and print off directions from her laptop on how to get there. We almost had to pull out the old dusty Atlas! We thought we outsmarted the phone until my friend got done with her meeting and realized she forgot to print off directions on how to get back home!

My friend's broken phone also made me realize how farmers are a little harder on their

phones than regular cellular customers. I know my family has been through quite a few phones through various farm casualties. I can only imagine what that U.S Cellular agent thinks when he sees us walk through the door, again. I also wonder if they believe the stories we tell them of what happened to the phone on the farm.

We have had phones go missing after they fell out of our pockets. Meaning they could be in one of three fields because it's been a busy day of running around planting and fixing. We have had phones go missing in the deep ruts from our four-wheel drive tractor because we did not realize our phone fell out of our pocket until we left the field after pulling the tractor out because it was stuck. We have had phones get run over by semis, and tractors, stepped on by cattle, and more. I think the moral of the story is that we might need better pockets to keep our phones in so they stop falling out. A farmer without a phone could mean a peaceful day on the tractor in a field without interruptions. Until that farmer without a phone breaks down and is in the way back of a field with no way to contact anyone, and that always happens on the furthest field from home, making for a long walk to think over our mistake.

Technology is forever changing and changing rapidly. We can see it on our farms and even in

our homes. Most importantly we can even see it in our pockets with our phones. Who would

have thought we would depend on them and need them so much? So try not to lose your phone or break it and it's always best to have a spare for quick replacement purposes. Farmers have spare parts in their shop, so it doesn’t hurt to have a spare phone because sometimes phones can be a super important part of the farm. Just gotta make sure that ringer is off when off the farm. Farmer ringtones are always the loudest so they can hear them over their farm equipment running in the background. Farmer phones are always going off at the worst of times. Their big farmer fingers don’t work well with the small silent button! ~ Kesley Holdgrafer

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