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The CAC Media Group started back in 2017 with a series of podcasts that quickly turned into a weekly ag radio segment. Print media soon followed as we took on various roles writing for local, state, and national publications. In addition to broadcast and print media, We have started to explore the world of digital content and video production. This has allowed our team to meet a variety of different people and learn hands-on skills that provide a strong foundation for future work in communications. We are excited to continue working with new students and offering the next generation an opportunity to get out of the classroom learning experiences! 

Megan Clark

Living on a diversified crop farm and raising cattle my whole life has allowed me to develop and grow my passion for the agricultural industry. I have been showing cattle for as long as I can remember and judge livestock competitively across the country. My roles on the team are many. I do interviews at the local, state, and national level for our Friday morning radio show, provide conference media services and manage our website. I recently finished up on the video shoot for A Showman’s Story and hope to learn more about film making over the course of the next few years. In addition to this, I will be hosting our newly launched television series, Agri-Vision and I am also preparing to give a TEDx Talk about misconceptions within animal agriculture. My future plans include majoring in ag communications and participating in livestock judging at the collegiate level.  

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Kesley Holdgrafer

I live on a diverse grain and livestock farm in Eastern Iowa. We raise corn, beans, and alfalfa and also operate a custom baling business making both round and square bales. We finish out feeder cattle utilizing newer monoslope buildings for faster gains and better feed efficiency. I have shown a calf at the county fair for the past 10 years and I am currently serving as the Jackson County Beef Queen. I believe that promoting quality beef products is key to keeping the demand high and our cattle markets on the rise. I am excited to use my time with the CAC Media Group to deepen my knowledge of the agricultural industry. Be sure to check out my fun weekly column “Kesley’s Corral” in the Clinton County Farm Bureau Spokesman and on our homepage.

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Jake VanderHeiden

Hi, all!

My name is Jake VanderHeiden and I am the lead camera operator for the CAC Media Group. When I am not working behind the scenes of our latest shoot, I divide my time between our farming operation and my woodworking shop. We farm with my uncle and cousins raising corn and soybeans on the Eastern part of the state. I also raise and show hogs at our county fair. My experience in the show ring has come in handy on some of our previous adventures at both the Charolais Junior Nationals and at the American Royal in Kansas City. I hope to continue to improve my cinematography skills by partnering with up and coming film studios across the Midwest. Follow my progress on Instagram at cac_media_group. 

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Fayeth Henningsen

A farm girl by nature, I have spent most of my life working with livestock and getting ready for one show or another. Our family has exhibited everything, but these last few years we have settled into the world of sheep and goats and show across the state of Iowa. Aside from livestock, my true passion in agriculture is education. I love spending my time teaching others about this industry, especially elementary students. I joined CAC after a meeting with the Iowa Governor to discuss the importance of agricultural education and never looked back. My favorite part is talking to others and sharing their stories along with designing eye-catching social media posts. Join me as we travel across the country and I perfect not only my interview style but also my southern accent. To see some of my social media designs, follow us on Instagram and Facebook. 

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Katlin Truelsen

Jenna Stevens

Photo Coming Soon!

My journey with the CAC Media Group began back in 2017 when the idea for this group started with a single conversation and has evolved into thousands of conversations. After years of working on the sidelines of the agricultural industry, I decided it was time to transition to a full time career. A teacher at heart, I believe that students should be exposed to real life experiences and when given the chance, they can do incredible things. I chose ag media because agriculturalist are welcoming and eager to share their knowledge and experience and their stories inspire me to go further. I believe that everyone we meet has the chance to be the conversation that launches a thousand more. 

Hey, everyone!

My name is Katlin Truelsen and I am the newest member of the CAC Media Group. I have always enjoyed helping on our family farm and showing cattle. I strive to see growth in everything I do and my role in agriculture is no exception. I am excited to learn more about filming and videography and have a writing project that is going to be life changing. I am looking forward to seeing how this team can help me grow in agriculture and to talk with others about their views on the agricultural industry. Agriculture is my passion and there is no where else I would rather spend my time. I cannot wait to share this with all of you and grow in unimaginable ways! 

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