Marketing Services

The CAC Media Group offers a wide range of services to make your next conference or event one to remember. We have years of experience in conference planning ranging from managing presenters to broadening the size and scope of your audience. Our staff members have backgrounds in production agriculture and understand the importance of offering an experience that makes your attendees glad they took a few days away from the farm. There is nothing worse for busy agriculturalists than feeling like they just spent time and money for information they could have found in an online Google search. Here at the CAC Media Group, we focus on giving your attendees valuable information and a rich conference experience. For more information about our services, you can contact us at


Conference Media 

Hosting a conference is stressful! There are a million details to think about and people to coordinate. Let us handle some of the work for you. We are project management specialists and have worked on everything from TED Talks to Ag Leadership Summits. We know that great conferences are made in the details and we bring an understanding of design and planning that will make your next event memorable.

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Our team jumped into videography  when we did a marketing video for the Sunglo Feed Company. We fell in love with capturing out livestock producers stories and we want to do the same for you. 

We create custom videos that you can post to your website and social media to get your conference attendees psyched about your upcoming event.

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Our writers know agriculture! Unlike other event services, we understand what your customers want to read because we are actively involved in the production side of the industry. Members on our team have years of experience writing for newspapers and magazines and we think every event has a unique story to tell. Check out some of our pieces in the Farm Bureau Spokesman, the Eastern Iowa Farmer Magazine, the Angus Journal and more!

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Want to capture all of the special moments of your event to use in future marketing? We can help with that! Our photographer has experience doing livestock shoots and event coverage and can provide you high quality images to use in your promotion materials. Let people see what makes your program unique with professional photos. Contact our photographer Ella Krukow to schedule your session.