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Digital media is something that is relatively new for our team and something we continue to work at improving. We have had several opportunities to work with professionals who have taught us basic videography and studio management. We continue to pursue projects that allow us to get creative while spreading a positive message about agriculture. We still have a long way to go, but it is exciting to be involved in filming and digital media. 

TEDx Talk: What I Wish You Would Ask Me 

If there is one thing everyone on our team has in common, it is livestock. We are all involved in production livestock and take the job of being producers very seriously. We also work to educate those around us about the care and attention farmers give to their livestock. This topic is so important to team member Megan Clark, she actually gave a TED Talk on it. You can check it out in this YouTube video!

Pasture to Plate Series with Chef AJ 

Pasture to Plate Burger .png

This Pasture to Plate video series came about because of some work we were doing with our local cattlemen's association. Their group routinely sells finished beef to customers, who have it processed into quarters or halves to keep in their freezer. Covid-19 brought new customers to the farm and with those customers came questions about how to best prepare the meat. Filmed in a home kitchen, Pasture to Plate shows how to use simple ingredients to create delicious beef dishes and teaches viewers how to use those value added cuts like heart and tongue. 

Pasture to Plate Ribeye Steak 

Pasture to Plate Brisket Mac and Cheese

Pasture to Plate Bone Marrow, Tongue, & Heart

Pasture to Plate Beef Ribs 

Pasture to Plate Beef Burgers 

American Royal Interviews 

We had the chance to attend the American Royal in Kansas City and talk with more producers about their reasons for being involved in the livestock industry. We focused on Limousin breeders for the National Limousin Association as well as catching up with some exhibitors that we have crossed paths with in the past. These conversations were a great chance for us to practice our interview skills and talk about a topic that is near and dear to all of us, livestock!

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Why Charolais? 

In the summer of 2021, we worked with the Charolais Junior Nationals Media Team at their show in Perry, Georgia. Along with meeting some amazing breeders in the industry, we also had the chance to produce a video for them called Why Charolais? This video is a candid look at the junior members in the industry and answers the question of why they continue to show and breed Charolais cattle. 


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Our first time working on a television production came in the fall of 2020, with our own show, Agri-Vision. This show ran for one season and featured student hosts Kesley Holdgrafer and Megan Clark. Topics included everything from FFA student spotlights to various ag business professionals and political figures talking about the impact of agriculture on the economy. This was a tremendous opportunity to learn a new skill and our members had a lot of fun being in the studio. 

Agri-Vision Episode 3

Agri-Vision Episode 2

Agri-Vision Episode 1

A Showman's Story DeWitt, IA

2020 was a busy summer for our team! We have embarked on a new adventure and taken on a video project featuring a young 4-H member, Caleb Kruse. "A Showman's Story" details the hard work and dedication it takes to show livestock  and provides an in-depth look at the competitive mindset of exhibitors. The piece is being sponsored by the Sunglo Show Feed Company. You can watch it here. 

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