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May 2022

The 94th Iowa FFA Leadership Conference took place April 10th through 12th. I had the unique opportunity to speak to over 6,000 guests in attendance at the conference. Before I walked out on stage in Hilton Coliseum to speak, I received a lovely introduction by my brothers. They were more than a little nervous as I did not inform them of how large the audience they were speaking to would be. They did an amazing job and even got quite a few giggles from the crowd. Luckily, they didn’t embarrass me too bad! I will share their remarks below and hopefully next week I will have lots of extra time to share a real article.

Brad - Our sister has spent the last 4 years writing about us in her weekly column in the Iowa

Farm Bureau Spokesman telling silly things we have done on the farm. Today we finally get a

chance to get her back as I could tell you stories about her baling and getting lost in a hayfield not being able to find her way back to the gate.

Todd - I could tell you all about her getting our dad’s new dually buried in the field just trying to bring me lunch. That was an expensive bologna sandwich and a hoho.

Luke - Or I could tell ya how she took a small detour on a snowy road on our way to school as we ended up in the ditch and late for class. But we will leave it up to her to tell you even more crazy things she’s done as she teaches us to embrace those embarrassing moments.

All 3 - We are proud to introduce our sister, your state SE Vice President ~ Kesley Holdgrafer

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