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Graduation Season

It’s graduation party season. I always enjoy celebrating the recent high school graduates, the

delicious food at their parties and of course visiting with neighbors and friends, too. Sometimes I think it’s almost better than college football tailgating season. Each party has amazing food from walking tacos, mac and cheese bars, delicious pulled pork, lots of cheesy potatoes, and you can’t forget about the best part; the cake.

We have been busy at our place getting ready for the youngest in my family to receive his

high school diploma. You would think that by the time we got to the fourth grad party of the

family we would have the set up committee and procedures down to a science. However that is not the case because it has been a crazy past couple of weeks. Crunching the time all the way down until the very last second. In between getting all the crops in we have also been power washing the entire shop. Removing two years worth of oil and grease stains because the last time it was cleaned was for my grad party. The only bright side of all this is that it is the last one.

The last time we will clean the shop.

We are seeing a lot of “lasts” as the last Holdgrafer graduates from Northeast. My little

brother is also using up all of his last “it’s a school night” or “I have homework” or “I’ll be at

practice until late” to get out of chores and other things. I have a feeling he learned that from me as I used those exact same excuses up until the very last day. I believe I even tried to use it once in the middle of summer.

Happy grad party season. I hope you enjoy some amazing food, cake, and great

conversations with friends. Congratulations to all of the graduates and welcome to the big world of adulthood!! ~ Kesley Holdgrafer

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