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Fresh Rhubarb

Fresh Rhubarb. Nothing screams the start of summer vacation quite like fresh-cut rhubarb. I was back home recently for part of that wild ten-day window when everyone was planting. I returned home from college to become parts girl and seed tender delivery, which also included making dinner for the guys during this crazy busy late season of planting. I always use my grandma’s recipes. I swear I could use her pans and even her ingredients but it’ll still never taste quite as good as hers. As I was making dinner, grandma brought over a warm rhubarb dessert to add to my meal. It was amazing! I even noticed as I delivered an individual styrofoam container with dinner to my brother planting beans, he took a warm bite out of his rhubarb dessert first. Somehow he instantly knew that was grandma’s and the rest was mine. We usually eat our rhubarb dessert warm and plain although others often top it off with whipped cream, cool whip, or ice cream. Some, like my Grandpa Schlosser, eat their rhubarb dessert in a bowl covered in milk. However you enjoy the tart treat of rhubarb, I can only hope it is as delicious as my grandma’s. It’s the best part of spring on the farm!

On my agenda this summer is to perfect my grandma's recipe for Rhubarb, however, I only have a little free time. I am interning with the Iowa Beef Industry Council in Ames all summer. This also means I am going to get out of a lot of work on the farm, no hay season for me. However, I am living by myself and sometimes I get home late and leave early so I don’t have time to cut the grass. So technically I am still a part of the hay-making season when I cut my grass in Ames because sometimes I believe I could make a full round bale out of it.

My ramblings in this column might not be as consistent this summer as I am working in Ames as an intern with the Iowa Beef Industry Council. As my schedule allows I hope to continue to keep you entertained with life on the farm and in the big city of Ames. Be sure to enjoy some fresh rhubarb and some beef!

~ Kesley Holdgrafer

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