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Farm Dogs

Summer is officially in full swing for farmers. The smell of fresh cut hay has filled the air.

The balers were rolling through the wrap. Pastures are filled with beautiful baby calves. Last but not least, every farmer is praying for rain or second crop will be really thin. Summer air is warm and dry. That summer air for me is the smell of big city buses, delicious restaurants just down the street, and the smell of the Milwaukee River from my little studio apartment. It is official that this small town farm girl’s boots have been traded in for city sandals and have hit the streets of Milwaukee. It is quite the change. If there is one thing I have learned, so far, it is that farmers are not meant for the big city. On my move in day to my apartment I bet you can only imagine that my dad fit right in with the Milwaukee locals as he was styling his typical plaid shirt, jeans, and work boots.

One thing that is similar from the farm and the city is that both have dogs. However, I am

almost positive that a farm dog would never make it in this big city just like how a city dog would not enjoy being in the back 40 alone for long. For instance, a farm dog will immediately examine each car, truck, or semi that enters the farm. I can only imagine a farm dog trying to sniff each and every vehicle of transportation in the big city from bike to car to even train. Most farm dogs are passenger princesses; they get escorted around the farm in either a ranger passenger seat, on a tractor, back of a truck or more. They would not be too thrilled of having to walk everywhere and I also have a feeling they would not be a huge fan of being on a leash all the time. While on the other hand, a city dog would also have to get used to a lot of new things if brought to a farm. A city dog might be used to numerous diverse loud noises, but nothing will prepare it for the sound of a cheetah when changing a big dual tractor tire. On the plus side, a farm dog would not be nearly as dirty while in the city because there are no creeks to go explore, no manure piles to examine, no dirt piles to endlessly dig at, no hay bales to jump across and of course no animals to follow.

I am slowly getting used to city life as well. I have learned to deal with traffic. Meaning

traffic that isn't behind numerous cars following a tractor on a road that doesn’t have a lot of

places to pass. I am beyond excited for my summer in Milwaukee and I hope you all have an

amazing summer and hopefully get some rain soon! ~ Kesley Holdgrafer

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