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County Fair Time

It’s prime county fair time in Iowa. After my four years spent as a Clover Kid then graduating up to be a nine year 4-H member, I almost miss the hectic craziness of getting indoor projects finished up, write-ups printed off, hoping the judge doesn’t touch the ink cause it might still be wet, and the livestock getting clipped, groomed, and show ring ready. My brothers always spent a whole day getting the truck and trailer shining to haul everything to the fair as well. I was home over the weekend. It was pretty quiet compared to years past. Back when all four of my siblings and I were scrambling to get projects finished up it was a complete mad house for he entire week leading up to fair. With just my younger brother Luke finishing up his ninth and final year of 4-H, ending an extended long era for my family, it was eerily quiet as he was headed off to our local show. It was a completely different scenario for myself as well. I was serving as an indoor project judge. It was so much fun sitting on the other side of that judges table. I loved the enthusiasm of the younger members and the knowledge and expertise of the more experienced members. I loved judging the food projects because I got to try them all! A little 4-Her made some delicious cookies and while I was asking him all about it. He began eating the cookies with me! When he said, “they are good aren’t they” how can you not give him a blue ribbon!

It was bittersweet to realize I guess I grew up somewhere along the years wearing that green

4-H shirt. Enjoy every minute of county fair week, from the late night last minute projects to the early mornings and of course even the crazy meltdowns. It truly is some of the best memories from growing up! Happy fair season! ~ Kesley Holdgrafer

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