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A Farmer's Spring Break

It’s officially spring break. I’m missing my 4th floor Maple girls for inspiration to write my weekly article. Most of my friends went south somewhere for fun, others went home, and I went to Ankeny. I am in full state convention prep with my fellow state officers. This past week is a farmer’s favorite week if they have kids in school. It’s spring break!

Most spring break weeks are full of fun days along the beach soaking in the warm sun. Farmers do not get that relaxing time. They love spring break because all the kids are home from school. Farmers have their very own spring break work week. It’s time to pull out the planters and gear up for spring. Bring everything out of storage and grease it up. Before you know it your windshield will not be frosted in the morning anymore, but farmers are not complaining about that right now because it is still perfect manure hauling weather.

I am very excited for this spring because my younger brother is now finally 16. He can now haul anhydrous tanks and much more. Parts runs are going to go even quicker and more efficiently now that we have more than just my vehicle going on them! This means I will have more time for ice cream breaks!

I hope you all are enjoying this nice weather and counting down the days until spring. It will be here before you know it! Farmers, I hope your gearing up for spring isn’t too stressful! Happy almost spring! ~ Kesley Holdgrafer

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