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A Farmer's Daughter

It is official back-to-school time. I finished up my incredible summer in the city of Milwaukee and I was happy to finally be back on the farm. I slept much better to not be listening to the sound of honking cars, barking dogs, and the loud city nightlife. I had a couple of weeks of going back to my role of “farmer’s daughter” and not an intern office girl before heading back to school. I went straight from cooking for one in a small studio apartment to cooking for an army of hungry farmers, but before I knew it it was time to load up my car again and head back to the city of Ames for college. However, if there is one thing I learned is that my role of “farmer’s daughter” carries over while I am at college.

I strongly believe that a farmer's daughter is the smartest person. They grew up watching farmers so they can easily check their oil, change a tire, hang a picture, unload a couch and more. However, we also know that if we ask any boy to do it they easily will, all you have to do is feed them. Farmers' daughters have been feeding an army of farmers their entire life. My roommates and I are all farmer's daughters and we have mastered this skill. We have never cut our grass at our house in Ames, but we have thawed out a lot of steaks to feed the boys that have. We also have never grilled on our grill, we make the same guy who cut our grass do it. Basically, we just provide the mower and the meat. It’s a win win for everyone as we eat a great meal together when they’re done. We have also never shoveled our driveway in the winter, but we have baked some delicious cherry pies for the boys next door who have. We even had a real Christmas tree in our living room for the holidays, we did not cut down the tree ourselves, but we made some mouthwatering brownies for the boy that did.

My Farmer’s Daughters friends and I are learning a lot in college, but we also learned a lot beforehand from our grandmas and our mothers. We learned the best recipes meant for the correct occasion and that the key to a farmer's heart always has and will always be food and use your resources wisely! ~ Kesley Holdgrafer

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