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725 Days Since The Fair

It’s been a long two years since the great Iowa State Fair has happened. A long two years of waiting to go through exhibits, to watch fun shows, see all types of animals, and of course eat all the fair food you could possibly imagine. Well, the wait is finally over! The Iowa State Fair is happening and it begins this week on August 12th and continues through the 22nd of August. The Iowa State Fair is one of my favorite parts of summer and there are a lot of things I’m looking forward to doing at the fair. However, after not being there for two years my list of stuff I need to see has doubled! If you’re looking to go to the fair here is my list of things you must do!

The first thing on the list is getting a bucket of cookies. These fresh, still hot while melting in your mouth, delicious chocolate chip cookies are the best thing to eat while walking around the fair looking at everything it has to offer. After two years of waiting vendors have had tons of time to cook up new ideas for new fair food. This year at the fair there are 63 new foods on the state fair menu! After looking through the list of new foods I am excited to try them especially the Chicken Bacon Ranch Ball On A Stick. I’m also looking forward to the Peanut Butter and Fluff Cookie Dough. It was actually selected as one of the top three new fair foods. It is a peanut butter cookie dough mixed with marshmallow fluff and cocoa crispies frozen in a ball and then dipped in chocolate and of course, it’s on a stick.

As you're wobbling around the fairgrounds because you ate too much fair food there are certain places that you should most definitely see. In the agricultural building, you will find the famous butter cow along with this year’s giant slide made out of butter as well. Also on the second level of the building, you will find the Iowa FFA booth. Be sure to stop and say “hi” as I will be working there throughout the fair. You cannot forget to walk through all the barns filled with 4-H and FFA kids' animals. They put in a ton of work to get their animals ready for the Iowa State Fair and are so excited to show off their pride and joy.

I’m looking forward to spending the entire next two weeks at the Iowa State Fair and seeing tons of shows, checking out the butter cow, riding the sky gliders, and eating more than my share of fair food. It’s been a long 725 days waiting for the Iowa State Fair and I hope to see you there!

~ Kesley Holdgrafer

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