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Welcome to our educator's resource page! 

Buckin' Bull Buddies is a great resource to use when discussing topics of friendship, goals, and dreams, and overcoming challenges, all while learning about agriculture!

The characters in this story are real people who have been kind enough to share their stories about growing up in the rodeo industry. 

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Vocabulary and Guided Reading Questions

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Plot Mapping and Character Analysis

The back of the book comes with a special suprise. A page of characters that you can punch out and use in your classrooms to help students understand concepts in character and plot development. Here are some ideas for analysis. 

Plot Mapping: This story has an easy-to-understand plot to help your students grasp more complex ideas of rising action, climax, and resolution. With the provided characters, have students act out the rising action, the boys working against one another instead of together, the climax, the boys realizing that cooperative behavoir would help them reach their goals, and finally, the resolution of both characters acheving success. 

Complex Emotions: In the story, Bode and Cade both experience jelously over what their friend has. This is something younger elementary students experience but may not be able to identify. You can use the characters to have students act out the moments in the story when Bode and Cade are jealous of one another and discuss why it is happening. 

Symbolism: Both Bode and Cade have a symbol in the story that represents what the other character wants. In Bode's case, he is often seen with a toy bull in his pocket, symbolizing to Cade the time he has to play and be a kid. With the character of Cade, he is rarely seen without a chore list. For Bode, that chore list is the ticket to working with bulls and getting to be around the professional side of the rodeo industry. Using those two symbols, your students can discuss ways that the boys learned to work together to help them both get what they wanted. 

Extension Activities: Character Connections 

Our characters love to connect with readers, answer questions, and share their stories about growing up as rodeo athletes! We encourage you and your students to reach out with letters asking questions or telling them what you enjoyed about their story. Your students are also encouraged to create original artwork of their favorite character or favorite bulls! All letters and artwork will be forwarded on to Bode, Cade, and their friends and family. 

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