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The Year 2021 Has Finally Come To An End

With every end means a new beginning. The year 2022 marks a new fresh start. The beginning of a new journey. Personally, I think beginnings are always the best. When you think of the parts of a movie or a good book or even your favorite tv series, it is the beginning that usually hooks you and reels you in, anxiously wanting more. When I look back at the start of some of my favorite experiences, the beginning usually starts with a bang and is the most exciting.

For example, when I first began my year as a State FFA Officer last spring, it literally started with a bang. I’m sure you all remember the story of how I ran up on stage in the middle of Wells Fargo Arena at full speed as I got elected. Running in heels, a slippery stage, I went to hug my new teammate. BANG! We both somehow ended up tackling each other to the ground on stage like two linebackers colliding in a football championship game. Even though the collision spread like wildfire across social media, it is still one of the most exciting experiences in my life that began with a bang.

Farmers each year always have a new fresh beginning. The beginning of a new crop year. This beginning usually begins with a bang. Sometimes these bangs are good, sometimes they are not so good, kind of like me falling on stage. They could begin with great weather which is awesome because farmers can plant early, but then BANG, early frost!

The beginning of the new year starts now and I am excited to tackle it! I will begin my new year traveling. I was honored to be selected as one of 75 state FFA officers from across the nation to participate in a leadership conference touring the state of California for ten days learning about different agricultural practices. We were originally scheduled to tour Costa Rica for two weeks, however due to Covid, the state of California is plan B.

Hoping and praying for another great successful, healthy, and safe year. Enjoy your new beginnings. Happy NewYear! ~ Kesley Holdgrafer

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