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Santa The Farmer

Christmas cheer is filling the air. Our Christmas lights are hung and Christmas trees are perfectly decorated in homes as each student sits restless at their school desk, anxiously counting the days until break. I cannot wait for my first college semester to be over and to be back home on the farm for a couple of weeks. Thinking about the farm and Christmas got me thinking that Santa could have easily been a farmer. You might believe this is a little far fetched, but I have some pretty good reasons to back up my case.

Santa works outside even in bad weather. All year farmers have to continue to work outside whether it’s snowing, raining, or frigid temperatures, especially with the changing weather we have here in Iowa. Another reason is that Santa is great with livestock. Santa is always taking good care of his reindeer just like farmers always take great care of their animals on the farm. Another fact to back my case is that Santa is used to getting in and out of tight places. Santa has to make his way down a chimney. Farmers are skilled enough to fit large equipment through small gate field entrances or even squeeze underneath and in between machinery to fix broken parts. Another example is Santa also has to hit a lot of houses in a short amount of time.

Farmers have to do roughly the same thing as they cover a lot of ground in a hurry when the pressure is on. Christmas Eve for Santa is pretty similar to a farmer during harvest as they have to cover a lot of ground to beat things like an upcoming snow storm that sometimes hits us in October. Last but not least, just like Santa, farmers take care of the needs of the world. Farmers feed the world and Santa brings good tidings to everyone.

Farmers and Santa both bring a lot of joy into the world. I might just have to hide under the Christmas tree to see if I can catch Santa this year because he might just be a farmer!

Happy Holidays! ~ Kesley Holdgrafer

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