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Santa’s Hard Working Elves

We are one more week closer to Christmas. One more week closer to a Christmas meal feast. One more week closer to getting Christmas gifts. One more week closer to thanking family members for Christmas gifts you don’t like. Speaking of gifts, last week I compared Santa and a farmer. It allowed me to come to the conclusion that Santa could definitely be a farmer. With that in mind, it would make farmers' kids just like Santa’s elves.

The elves work all year assisting Santa. Farmers' kids work all year helping the farmer even during winter. Elves have to help take care of Santa’s reindeer. Farmers' kids have to assist with the farmers' livestock from scooping bunks in the winter, thawing waters, and working and bedding livestock.

Elves even have to help Mrs. Claus throughout the year. Farmers' kids must always help their mom’s, otherwise they might not get fed. In movies about elves, they always have fun messing with other elves. Trust me, farm kids most definitely have fun messing with their siblings. From making fun of them when they trip walking in thick, just combined corn stalks to tricking them into doing something funny on the farm. Most importantly, elves always get their projects they are working on done for Santa on time, they might be last minute, but they get done. Just like how farmers' kids always do the task they are given. It might not get done right away, or it might be last minute, but it gets done.

With all this in mind it definitely can be assumed that elves could very easily be farm kids.

Have a Merry Christmas! ~ Kesley Holdgrafer

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