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Online Shopping

The end of November to most means shopping time. Time to get all the Christmas presents

bought, wrapped, and properly placed under the tree. Black Friday shopping has all the great

deals on anything and everything. Lines usually start up early in the morning following

Thanksgiving Day as Christmas shoppers run into the store to find the best deals first. I,

however, have never been one for Black Friday shopping mostly because I am a huge fan of

Cyber Monday. This is basically the same thing as Black Friday, but you can do it all from yourcouch at home in your pajamas. This year looks totally different with the pandemic, so a lot of people will be shopping online for great Christmas present deals.

Farmers though take the prize for online shopping. If they have figured out how to use the

computer then they definitely know how to shop for farm equipment. From Tractorhouse to

Sullivan’s Auction to Craigslist and even Facebook Marketplace, if they are not big into online

shopping then you can definitely find them picking up the latest Tractorhouse catalog at the local gas station. Once they find it in the catalogue, chances are they will ask their tech savvy

children or their unlucky wife to pull it up on the computer for them to look at. You then have to sit on the couch and scroll through the pictures with them telling you to slow down, now go back, and answer questions like what the password is to their email account.

Farmers are always looking for equipment even if they do not need any. They are also

always watching auctions and my family has even figured out what buttons to hit so you can

hear the auctioneer live just like you're there. This is okay for the first few items, but then they

have it playing all day and it drives Mom insane. When buying online there is also a risk that

what you see isn’t what you get just like with clothes. It might look cute in the picture but when it comes it looks totally different. I find it funny how when purchasing farm things online, if you happen to have the top bid, the auction says you are “winning” that item. This makes it more of a game for the feisty frivolous farmer who hates to lose. He will often bid a time or two more simply so he’s not the ”loser” of the auction.

I hope you all find some great Christmas shopping deals and hopefully the farmers leave

some cash for Christmas presents for the rest of us since we all know they are terrible

shoppers. In the wise words of my family it doesn’t cost anything to look. Happy holidays and

happy shopping. - Kesley Holdgrafer

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