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Not Your Typical Halloween Horror

We are nearing one of my least favorite holidays, Halloween. Most people love this holiday. They love the fall, the pumpkins, the mums, the decorations, and all the scary stuff. Me on the other hand, I can not handle scary things. I once went to a haunted corn maze when I was 12, when I returned home I had to sleep with my lights on in my bedroom for a whole month. I still have not yet returned to that haunted corn maze or any haunted house for that matter. Scary things and I just do not get along. The only part of Halloween that I ever liked was the free candy.

For most farmers and farm kids they spend Halloween ‘trick or treating’ from cab to cab instead of house to house, eating everyone’s snacks inside the combine cab or tractor cab. You might think that we are missing out on all the fun Halloween activities, but no worries, it can still get pretty scary in the fields at harvest.

For instance, a farmer can get pretty scary when they haven’t gotten their dinner on time or if they already ate all their food from their packed cooler before 11 am. Farmers also get pretty scary if they spend too much time in the fields and forget to do their self care routines. Yes, we notice that scruff on your face and the smell from your three day recycled sweatshirt.

So if you’re like me and do not like scary skeletons, people running at you with chainsaws, or anything else that is your typical Halloween horror, just drive on out to a corn field. It is free admission for hours worth of scary adventures with your local farmer. Have a Happy Halloween!

~ Kesley Holdgrafer

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