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Get Your Wife What She Really Wants… A Nap

Christmas is officially here and the smell of sugar cookies and pine trees fill the air. For most people, the presents are already wrapped and under the tree. For some though, they might be doing some crazy last-minute shopping. That is okay, farmers work best while under pressure. Just imagine instead of putting Christmas presents under the tree on time, you must get the last of the crop out before that snow or rainstorm.

In the past, I have informed you all about the perfect gifts to get a farmer-- duck tape and WD-40. I realize now that there is someone pretty important that I am forgetting, the farmer’s wife. Now farmers, if you are reading this and realized you haven’t bought her anything yet, that is okay I am here to help.

First off, no your wife does not want that tractor or that planter you were looking at online, and they definitely do not really want a new washing machine or a post-it note of something you plan to buy her because you forgot to shop... again.

Here are some options that you could get her instead. You could give her some peace and quiet. It’s December, you are no longer in the field, and it is the off-season. If you are not working on something in the shop, chances are you are in the house either snoring on the couch or asking when lunch is. Remember your wife probably did all of the family Christmas shopping and decorating. She is the one that needs the nap!

Another thing you could do for your wife is to tell her thank you. Sometimes it might go unnoticed what all they really do. They are the person that cleans up the floor after you walked across it not knowing your boots had a hole in them and now her kitchen smells and resembles your cattle yard. She also just washed your coat because your hydraulic hose somehow just exploded all over it. They are the person doing your nasty dirty farm laundry and somehow manage to get the dirt and grease stains out of your work jeans e

very day. Farm wives deserve so much more, but seriously an honest heartfelt thank you is a great start. Farm moms are busy all through the holidays as the kids are all home from school which means more meals and more laundry.

I hope you all have a very Merry Christmas and receive everything you ask for and I am sorry farmers, but Santa can not fit any new equipment on his sleigh or under your tree. Also farmers, do not forget about your wife. She deserves a rest, a thank you, and so much more!

Merry Christmas! ~ Kesley Holdgrafer

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