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Don’t Forget To Honk And Wave

With harvest coming in quick, it is almost that time of year that our quiet country roads start to fill up with semis. Every kid while growing up is always fascinated by the big shiny trucks, more specifically the loud boisterous horns. Whenever a semi and a kid meet, the kid instantaneously starts pumping a fist in the air in an up and down motion signaling the truck driver to honk the horn with a booming hello. As soon as that truck driver reaches to grab and yank the string to sound the horn, the semi plays its beautiful tone, and you can see the kid’s whole face light up with excitement. A huge smile is found on the kid’s face for quite a while afterward.

My brothers and I have always been those kids aggressively pumping our fists at truck drivers in the hopes they see us and blare their horns. It’s crazy to think now that the tables have turned. My two older brothers both have their CDL and now are the ones making kids’ day as they drive by. Kids, however, are not the only ones who love truck drivers. Farmers love them too, especially because when you see a semi it usually means payday. Whether the truck is hauling your corn or cattle to market, it means it is going to be a good day because by the end of it you will see a paycheck usually followed up with a trip to the bank with a big deposit. One truck though most farmers don’t like to see in their driveway is the UPS or FedEx truck because that means their wife bought another load of stuff online, taking away from that said paycheck. But we appreciate all truck and freight drivers as at least one family member is always excited to see them drive in the lane.

As we shift gears and drive straight into harvest season, be sure to appreciate your truck drivers; livestock, grain, or freight. This year’s National Truck Driver’s Appreciation Week was September 12-18, 2021. Over 3.5 million professional men and women drivers deliver our goods safely, securely, and on time. Also do not be afraid to act like a kid and aggressively pump your fist in the air signaling to the driver to honk. In reality, the driver loves honking their horn because it’s an excuse for them to act like a kid, reliving their younger days in the process.

~ Kesley Holdgrafer

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