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Buckin' Bull Buddies is based on two real-life Iowa bull riders, who were born on the same day, an hour apart, and who have developed a friendship through their love for this sport. Not only are they real people, but so are all the supporting characters who make an appearance behind the chutes or in the background. The book itself is based on bits and pieces of their actual story, which they shared over the course of several interviews. 


Bode grew up in Cherokee, Iowa and has been riding bulls since he was...................

Cade Smith is from Sidney, Iowa where his family owns and operates Double S Bull Company. Cade has been around bull riding his entire life, getting on his first bull when he was.................... Through the years, Cade has....................................


Everyone who is part of this story plays an actual role in the real story of Bode and Cade's lives. They have various titles including mentors, friends, and family but one thing is certain, each character has had a big impact on shaping the success of these young riders. 


The bulls in the story are also real characters. They are owned by Cade and his family and live on their farm in Sidney, Iowa. These bulls get to travel all over and meet cowboys from every state and sometimes even other countries! They are athletes who take their jobs seriously. When they are not giving a great eight-second performance for their thousands of rodeo fans, they hang out with their friends, nap in the sunshine, and munch on delicious corn silage that is grown for them right on the farm! 

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