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Cookies and Agriculture

County Fair Time 

It’s prime county fairtime in Iowa. After my four years spent as a Clover Kid then graduating up to be a nine year 4-H member, I almost miss the hectic craziness of getting indoor projects finished up, write-ups printed off, hoping the judge doesn’t touch the ink cause it might still be wet, and the livestock getting clipped, groomed, and show ring ready.

Farmer's Lunches

Harvest Lunches 

I have always wondered who has the most important job at harvest. Most people would think it is the combine driver. I, on the other hand, believe it is the person making the lunches. Yes, it is a bad day if the combine breaks down, but trust me, NOTHING is worse than a farmer that misses a meal during harvest!

Farm Dogs

Farm Dogs

Summer is officially in full swing for farmers. The smell of fresh cut hay has filled the air.

The balers were rolling through the wrap. Pastures are filled with beautiful baby calves. Last but not least, every farmer is praying for rain or second crop will be really thin. Summer air is warm and dry. That summer air for me is the smell of big city buses, delicious restaurants just down the street, and the smell of the Milwaukee River from my little studio apartment.

Our team enjoys a rich diversity of opportunities in a variety of areas related to ag media and marketing. We strive to learn skills that not only prepare us for future careers in ag communications but also help us to engage with others and share their stories. To do this we use a variety of mediums including print and journalism, videography, photography, and a candid interview style that gets at the heart of everyone we talk to. It is important that students learn how to connect with their subjects and hopefully learn more about the ag industry along the way! Check out some of our current projects or click through some of our other tabs to see what we have accomplished in the past few years. 

Rider Rundown 

This ongoing project shares the stories of up-and-coming bull riders who are making a name for themselves at the Junior World Finals and beyond. If you want to know more about the next generation of champions, this is your chance. 

Film and Marketing
Indie B Studios 

We are excited to team up with Indie B Film Studio in Chicago to take our film skills to the next level! We will be learning new techniques in b-roll, lighting and more! 

Magazine Feature
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