Current Projects 

National Finals Rodeo Media Team

Our team is excited to announce that we will be working with the media department at the National Finals Rodeo this December in Texas. The content we generate will later be used to create print pieces for various publications across the country. 

Cattlemen's Congress 

We will also be traveling to Oklahoma City for the first ever Cattlemen's Congress. This trip will give us the chance to work with some of our mentors in ag media and develop digital and print media content for some of our upcoming projects. 

Kesley's Corral 


 February 10, 2021

A couple weeks ago I was filling out a questionnaire sheet for senior year. Most of the questions were pretty simple such as your favorite color, food, and so on. However one specific question stopped me in my tracks. It really made me think. The question was if I could have dinner with any three people past or present who would they be? I spent hours just looking at this question and thinking. The possibilities were endless. Then I thought what if I were to do a farm version of this question. I know right away the three people I would want to have dinner with.


 February 3, 2021

It’s my favorite week of the whole year! I am super excited for my birthday on Valentine’s Day and with it being such a short month, I think it is appropriate to celebrate pretty much every day! The month of February is always decorated with hearts and I always think it’s just for me! I will turn eighteen on February 14th and will finally be considered an adult. This is fitting because I have been really busy doing adult things lately, like finishing up farm records, getting ready to file my first taxes, and filling out college scholarship applications. Also while thinking about hearts for Valentines Day, it got me thinking about just how important a heart actually is.

"Farmers and Chefs"

 January 27, 2021

Recently while I was doing my annual livestock records for FFA I realized something while I was making lunch that day. I realized livestock farmers are kind of just like a big chef. When I was filling out my records with feed cost I was flipping through what my dad likes to call his Bible, his cattle binder filled with all his feed rations, feed cost, cattle weights, and prices. I had to write down all the rations for different weights of cattle. It actually reminds me of a cookbook.

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