Current Projects 
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National Finals Rodeo Media Team

Our team is excited to announce that we will be working with the media department at the National Finals Rodeo this December in Texas. The content we generate will later be used to create print pieces for various publications across the country. 

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Cattlemen's Congress 

We will also be traveling to Oklahoma City for the first ever Cattlemen's Congress. This trip will give us the chance to work with some of our mentors in ag media and develop digital and print media content for some of our upcoming projects. 

Kesley's Corral 

"Class Use"

 March 24, 2021

Sometimes when sitting in a classroom and being stuck at school for hours, I often wonder when will I ever use this in real life in the future? I am usually thinking this halfway through a super hard math class or a confusing chemistry lesson.


"Off Season"

 March 17, 2021

It is technically the off-season for farmers right now. They are not in the fields at the moment to plant or to harvest. They spend most of the winter in the shop working on various things around the farm and getting things ready for springtime. I have always wondered when do farmers go to the doctor? If you do tell them they should go see a doctor they always quickly reply with the famous saying their pain is a long way from the heart or I’ll just rub some dirt on it.


 March 10, 2021

These last couple of weeks have been extremely busy for most people. For seniors the beginning of March means deadlines for many scholarship opportunities. For most farmers it means it’s time to sign and file the dreadful but necessary paperwork for taxes. After a long day of work a quick power nap always seems to be the best kind of medicine. However, sometimes it’s hard to find the time to take a nap when you are extremely busy. Well I have the perfect solution.