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Current Projects 
Kesley's Corral 
Sugared Cookies

"Cookie Farming"

January 2022

We are officially into the New Year! People are still trying to hold up to their New Year’s Resolutions. Farmers begin the new year by gearing up for this year’s crop. I now have a couple years of experience of being a crop production farmer under my belt although I still personally like to relate the new year to a batch of grandma’s cookies. 

Christmas Parade Dancers

"Santa’s Hard Working Elves"

 December  2021

We are one more week closer to Christmas. One more week closer to a Christmas meal feast. One more week closer to getting Christmas gifts. One more week closer to thanking family members for Christmas gifts you don’t like. Speaking of gifts, last week I compared Santa and a farmer. It allowed me to come to the conclusion that Santa could definitely be a farmer.

New Year Celebration

"The year 2021 Has Officialy Come To An End"

December 2021

With every end means a new beginning. The year 2022 marks a new fresh start. The beginning of a new journey. Personally, I think beginnings are always the best. When you think of the parts of a movie or a good book or even your favorite tv series, it is the beginning that usually hooks you and reels you in, anxiously wanting more.

Our team enjoys a rich diversity of opportunities in a variety of areas related to ag media and marketing. We strive to learn skills that not only prepare us for future careers in ag communications but also help us to engage with others and share their stories. To do this we use a variety of mediums including print and journalism, videography, photography, and a candid interview style that gets at the heart of everyone we talk to. It is important that students learn how to connect with their subjects and hopefully learn more about the ag industry along the way! Check out some of our current projects or click through some of our other tabs to see what we have accomplished in the past few years. 

Pasture To Plate 

We have had the opportunity to work with our area cattlemen’s association and the Charlotte Locker to bring you a new video project, Pasture to Plate. This project is a response to the increase in the number of consumers who are purchasing beef directly from farmers and having it processed at area lockers. The goal is to show consumers how to prepare some of the value added cuts they receive when they purchase a whole, half, or quarter of beef. Join Chef AJ as he prepares delicious meals right in a home kitchen. 

Indie B Studios.jpg

Indie B Studios 

We are excited to team up with Indie B Film Studio in Chicago to take our film skills to the next level! We will be learning new techniques in b-roll, lighting and more! 

Midwest Horse Fair and Vaulting Research

Midwest Equestrian.jpg

We are also traveling to Madison, Wisconsin later this spring for the Midwest Horse Fair, where we will be doing research on vaulting for our upcoming article in Midwest Horseman. This publication reaches hundreds of horse men and women across the region and we will be teaming up with them to show off the exciting world of vaulting. Stay tuned for interviews and updates. 

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